Introducing a Java based microbial genome comparison software: compgen.jar
Install Java 8 to run. Try out the in-browser sequence viewer (
Draw phylogenetic trees on a html5 canvas. Normal, circular and radial trees are supported. Drag-drop text in distance matrix, aligned fasta or newick tree format on the canvas.
Double-click on canvas to open file dialog. Press to select, Shift-press node to flip, Ctrl-press node to reverse. Select and press R to reroot. Select and press C to collapse.
Press D to delete and S to retain selections. Press I to invert selection. Press M to remove markings. Press Z to zero negative branches.
Press Return after mouse selection to edit node names (Esc to cancel). New! Enter color string in the [#RRGGBB] format to the end of node name
Choose option -> spring graph in 3d view to visualize tree;

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Sigmar Karl Stefánsson